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Carrier Unlock

Are you trying to use your phone on a different carrier network?  Would you like your Bell phone to operate on the Telus network?
Are you traveling to another country and desire to use your phone overseas on foreign networks?
Perhaps a friend or family is passing on their old mobile phone or tablet, but it is locked with a different carrier?
A ‘locked’ mobile phone is one that has been restricted by software so that it can only be used with a single network or carrier. Most carriers will have their phones locked when you purchase them, especially when you are signed into a mobile contract. When you unlock a phone, it can be used with any SIM card/carrier, without restrictions.

Unlocking Mobile Devices

If you are unsure if you need a phone unlocked, or want to know more about the process please come in and see us at Break2Fix.  The last thing someone wants is to accidentally brick their favorite phone or tablet when trying to unlock it. That’s why you should bring it to someone who truly knows about unlocking mobile devices!
Come into our store and our staff will unlock your device in no time. We can guarantee that your device will be unlocked with no damage or worry of being bricked in 30 minutes or less.

We also offer the unlocking service with any of the mobile devices that you purchase from us

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High Quality Replacement Parts

We only use good quality parts for all repairs, we fully test it and then return your device in excellent working condition.

Process breakdown

  • We accept your gadget.
  • Diagnose the problem free of cost.
  • Repair it after your approval.
  • Testing the gadget before handing it over.
  • Sign the acknowledgment.
  • Complete the payment process.


We accept your gadget


Diagnose and repair


You pick up your gadget

You have got a problem? We’ve got the solution! That’s why we say – Tech Fixed, Life Fixed!

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