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Mac & PC Repair

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Mac & PC Repair

Whether you are using your computer for fun or business at home, We can help you fix it.
Laptop Software Services like Operating System Installation in New and Used Laptop/MacBook, Downgrade or Upgrade the OS from Windows 7, Win8, Win8.1 to Windows 10. Mac O/S version.

Laptop /MacBook Software Services

· Create System Recovery Discs
· Install & Update Microsoft Office
· Configure Email
· Internet Explorer Troubleshooting
· Installed Software on Your System
· Windows Media Player
· Windows Mail and other programs are missing

Windows / Mac OS Troubleshooting

· Reinstall All Windows/MacOS
· Windows Automated Fixes
· Slow internet (wired, wireless)
· Windows /OS Passwords
· User Profile Service Failed to Logon
· Programs are missing

Errors and Lockups

· Computer not starting
· Monitor screen is blank
· Locks up, crashes or restarts
· Blue Screen Error
· Update Drivers
· No sound coming from the computer
· Prevent or Remove Malware (spyware, adware or virus)
· Mouse not working
· Computer boots but doesn’t lunch windows
· Wireless network dropping
· Keyboard not working
· No internet connection
· Computer running slow

Laptop Hardware Services

· Laptop/MacBook Broken LCD Screen Replacement
· Laptop/MacBook Keyboard Replacement
· Laptop/MacBook Mouse pad Replacement
· Laptop/MacBook Hard drive Replacement
· Laptop/MacBook Ram Update
· Laptop/MacBook Processor Noise Fan Replacement
· Laptop/MacBook Changer Broken or Loose Jack

Upgrade from Windows® 7 / Windows® 8 / Windows® 8.1

A technician will help you install Windows® 10 operating system on your system.

Connect Windows® Networking

Make sure your network is optimized for new Windows® . Our expert technicians will help you get a new Windows® system connected to your existing wireless network.

Windows® Configuration

A technician will help set up your system and tweak the power settings and user controls in Windows® based on your preferences.

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