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Water Damage Devices In Edmonton

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Water Damage Devices In Edmonton

Water Damage Devices In Edmonton

Water Damage Devices In Edmonton

Is your Phone wet?  Does your laptop or tablet have water damage?  Not to worry, we will take care of the repair.

We’ve all dropped our latest Mobile Phone in the lavatory, and spilled tea or coffee over it. It’s no shock that liquid or water damage is a common issue with Mobile Phone Damage.

If we see the device quickly, we can normally recover the device or precious data. the longer it’s left in this state the more costly the recovery could be.

We don’t offer set prices for water damage cleanups, we don’t charge if we can’t repair in most cases.

We will have a look & contact you with a report of the damage. we can offer a few options & let you know the prices before we go ahead.


Bring it in for a free diagnostic and we’ll repair it for you right in the store. At Break2Fix, our professional technicians can repair your cell phone and have your phone up and running in no time. At Break2Fix, we only use good quality parts for all repairs, we fully test it and then return your device in excellent working condition.

We have a team of certified professionals with years of experience. we have Certified Experts We are the best and your preferred Phone, Tablet, and Laptop Repair Center. Any Brand, Any Make, Any Issue. Relax We can fix It. When your laptop, phone, or tablet breaks, your access to work, entertainment, or loved ones is disrupted. But we got you covered.

At Break2Fix we pride ourselves in being the honest, low price, repair leaders in our community.We have a team of certified professionals with years of experience

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  • Vibrator
  • Loud Speaker
  • Battery
  • Bezel/Frame
  • Software issue

iphone Back Glass Replacement from iphone 8 to iphone 13 All Models.

Laser Engraving Machine

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as we can fix all sorts of faults.

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